Medical Supply Shortage

Who would have thought that it was possible to have a shortage of medical supplies? 10 cent masks. Very cheap gowns? Well thanks to Covid 19, we have gone through one of the largest shortages of masks we will probably ever see. Medical supplies are some of the biggest reasons we are even able to go through this pandemic together. Lots of people have gotten sick and then had to go to the hospital. Because of that we need medical supplies. Medical supplies in today’s world are face masks, face shields, gowns, and ventilators. Ventilators are a whole problem in their own world. We ran out of ventilators so fast during this pandemic we weren’t even able to save some people’s lives and it was so sad. We should have easily been prepared for Covid but due to our government we were way behind and couldn’t keep up with everything that was going on. Hopefully if we ever go through another pandemic we will not have to deal with what we went through right now.

One of the biggest reasons there is a shortage of medical supplies is simply because we weren’t ready for this. I don’t think anyone could have predicted that Covid-19 would be this impacting and impact us this much. But reality hit and it did. We have to do our part now to fix the mess that we got into. Although we are not able to fix and control a lot of things, I am very disappointed that we did not have the right amount of medical supplies ready to go for this problem. We knew the virus was coming and we still chose to do nothing about it. We have lots of countries and suppliers that would have been more than happy to help us out but instead we chose to turn our heads and it ended up costing us a ton of lives which is unacceptable in my opinion. Innocent people because we didn’t have masks and ventilators available for our hospitals to use.

Hospitals were becoming overly crowed because everything else was closed down. The only doctors that were open was the hospitals and you could imagine how crowded and stressed they had to have gotten having to deal with all of this. Normally they get money from the city and government but during the pandemic we started to run out of money and panic. This created a huge problem for all of us because without the hospitals tons more people were going to die and feel the aftermath of the Covid pandemic. I am very upset with us not having medical supplies ready to go. The masks are near paper and help stop the spread of the virus and they are super cheap yet we decided to turn our heads.

I decided to write this article because this was such a tough time for us and I wanted to help educate those that didn’t know the reality of what was actually going on. People should easily be able to learn from went on here and learn from our mistakes. The more we do to educate ourselves the better we are going to be down the line. For example, if you see someone not wearing a mask, make sure you politely tell them why they should and maybe give them other information on the shortage of supplies so they could make a donation if they have the time and money. Now you might be reading this saying well the pandemic is almost over, but what can I do to still help out: 

That is a great question. While the pandemic is almost over, it also isn’t at the same time. The pandemic we think is under control is actually still just starting off, but we have really flattened the curve. We just need to make sure we continue to wear masks. Masks are going to be one of the biggest keys to this because they make sure others don’t get sick. When you wear a mask you are actually saving others over yourself and that is super important. Your germs from your mouth eyes and nose can easily get all over the place, but if you have a mask then you have a better chance of not spreading it all over. Masks are very easy to get now and shouldn’t be that expensive. Please don’t be selfish and wear a mask. They are much more price friendly and easy to get. I recommend that you get a ton of the one time and throw away masks. It will make sure you don’t get yourself or anyone you love sick. Although you need to worry about the people you love, you should always worry about yourself. Your personal health is always going to be super important, especially in this crazy time of need. 

Thank you for spending the time to read my article. I really hope that I taught you something that you didn’t already know. This is such a crazy time and the more you educate yourself the better you are going to be down the road. The pandemic is far from over. I really hope you consider helping out a hospital or donating some money to them. There is a huge shortage of medical supplies and the more help they get the better off they are going to be. There is so much crazy going on they would definitely love your help. While this has been such a hard time for all of us, it is important we stick together and help each other out. In the end we are all in this pandemic together and without our help, the pandemic might not ever end. Continue to do your research and your part and we will find a way to get through this. We might not be able to control the virus, but let’s at least try to work on the stuff we can fix like the medical supplies. They are things we can simply buy at the store.